Yanis Ahmin
Meet our friend guest from Algeria. Ahmim Yanis aka Grey, is the project manager of the @NACL-North African Cyber League, the first company specialized in the North African E-sport. based in Algeria they organize competitions on the latest E-sport disciplines. Their main objective is to offer to the community events proper to the region & promote the regional athletes. They will host the 20-24 of August the largest maghrebian LAN in Algeria. Yanis is also the General Director of the NACL subsidary @Hitboxdz the first Algerian company specialized in video games industry as a press & upcoming game developpement studio, the media team is expanding beyond their borders with reporters all across the Maghreb (Gamersrules.com). Equally active in the associative side, he is the co-founder of @TheGamersrules the first collective around video games in Algeria currently co-organizing the @NorthAfricanFighters & the coordinator of @Esports.Algeria the League of Legends Dzair Championship.